Since I’m committed to sharing the journey for this painting, warts and all, here’s where it’s at:




more progress on texturing

You can see that I’ve made significant changes since the last entry. I’m using a lot of textures in this painting, and I find that I’m focussing on specific sections of the canvas rather than the whole.

I’m also using more acrylic washes and dry-brushing to bring out texture; two techniques I am luckily familiar with, since I used to paint a lot of lead and white metal fantasy miniatures when I was a teenager.

So far, this is what I’ve discovered:

  • I should not be afraid to make changes to any part of the painting if I’m not happy with something. This requires some courage.
  • I really like hogshair brushes! I like the texture.
  • Building up areas of the paint with different shades takes time but is worth it.

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