In this post, I spoke about freelensing using old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye glass. The results are compelling, to say the least! I’ve added just a little contrast to these photos to make them pop  and mitigate the effects of flare due to the digital sensor being exposed to all that light. Here’s a self-portrait:

Self portrait - Kodak Brownie freelensing
Self portrait – Kodak Brownie freelensing

As I was manipulating the lens, I dramatically shifted the focal plane from flat to diagonal, resulting in the distortion and blur that you see.

Surreal tree -Kodak Brownie freelensing
Surreal tree -Kodak Brownie freelensing

I find that three dimensional objects take on a flattened appearance and are twisted and distorted, especially when the lens is in a reversed position. Chromatic aberration is high and creates some subtle colour shift around the edges of objects. You can try this with any lens really. It doesn’t have to be old Kodak glass. I even have a small draw full of optical glass from different sources to use in experiments like this!

What do you think?

Surreal freelensing with Kodak Brownie glass
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