In a previous post, I detailed a method of converting the Pentacon AV 2.8 80mm projector lens for use on a modern digital camera. It’s so much fun to use, I’ve had it on my humble Olympus E PM1 most of the time since!

Though the plastic housing I made looks a little rough around the edges, the whole contraption is prety easy to use, as long as you don’t mind not waving it aroud lest the lens fall out of the pipe! A small price to pay for the quality of the images I think. I have considered taping some black material to both the pipe and the lens to keep it housed firmly, but that would reduce my ability to make macro photos.

Here are a few more photos:

Pentacon AV 80mm lens - golden web
Pentacon AV 80mm lens – golden web
Pentacon AV lens - Cherry Blossom blur
Pentacon AV lens – Cherry Blossom blur

The lens just renders beautifully!

Pentacon AV 2.8 80mm lens – some more photos
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