Zorki camera - link exchange

Running a blog like this isn’t always very rewarding. I’m happy to provide information to visitors and enjoy the occasional chat, but interaction is pretty low most of the time. As much as I like my photography and sharing photos on this site, it would be great to hear from more people, even if it’s just a quick hello! In this spirit, I’ve set this page up as an ongoing link exchange. Can you tell that I remember a time during the web’s development when people actually ran a link exchange seriously and interacted online a lot more?

If you run a photography related site, have some sort of photography focussed Facebook page/business or similar, please get in touch with me either through one of my social media channels listed to the right, or via my contact page and let me know about it. I’d be happy to list your link here if I like it. Maybe we can even exchange links if you have a blog or a website of your own? Or maybe you can simply subscribe to my blog by filling out the subscription box below? It’s not mandatory, but I’d definitely appreciate it!

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