Sometimes old cameras screw up because they’re frail and busted; other times because they’re just poorly made. In the case of my all plastic Lomography Diana Mini, it was the latter.

The Diana Mini is a 135 film modern copy of the 60s original Diana 120 film camera, with a few extra features. The copy is so good, in fact, that Lomography has even managed to accurately incorporate the quality manufacturing processes of the original, right down to poor tolerances. I wouldn’t mind so much, but the original was often given away for free with a tank of gasoline in the US, whereas the new versions cost more than is to be reasonably expected for a small plastic box of this type. I didn’t pay too much luckily, since mine was from ebay.

Here’s my first film loading experience:

lomography diana mini camera

Diana Mini 35mm

A few days after loading, the advance sprocket jammed tight and further forceful winding resulted in destroyed film.

I have since managed to load it again with much better results.

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