It started out with one old lens. That soon multiplied into half a dozen lenses. Now, the bookshelf next to me is heaving with old film cameras and old lenses. I have more than my fair share ! The trouble is storing them effectively. I need to access them easily, but keep them in as small a space as possible. Enter my cheap red wire drawer solution:

Storing old lenses - drawer one

Storing old lenses – drawer one

That’s drawer number one! I can’t squeeze in the really big heavy old super telephotos, but most of my lenses fit. I have to be careful not to overload the drawers though! In this section, I have mostly M42 mount lenses, including my Meyer Optik lenses, old Takumars, some Zeiss Tessars from post-war East Germany, and a few M39 mount Soviet lenses for variety.

And this is drawer number two:

Storing old lenses - drawer two

Storing old lenses – drawer two

In this section, I have mainly Pentax, Minolta, Exakta and Nikon lenses. This includes a fat 500mm mirror lens, and the notorious Nippon Kogaku (later named Nikon) 43-86mm zoom lens first produced in the 1960s; reportedly Nikon’s worst ever lens. I have yet to test this lens fully, but initial dabblings suggest long lines of wondrous hexagonal flares.

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