I don’t get out quite as much as I’d like for photographic purposes, but when I do I like to make as many quality photos as possible. A few weeks ago, we were all invited to a special evening at the Adelaide Zoo. I’ll admit right now that I’ve never been a fan of animals in cages. I understand that some of the reasoning behind it is based on preserving biodiversity, but seeing intelligent animals caged up is not something that I’m fond of. Of course, the idea of preserving animals doesn’t really apply to common native animals that aren’t endangered, yet zoos are still more than happy to cage them up in the interests of educating children and future generations. But, I’ve already ranted on that topic in this post, so I’ll stop now. For the record, I’m happy to be corrected on this matter if someone posts other good reasons.

I primarily used my Nikon d7100 for the excursion. The Nikkor 55-300mm lens is a little cumbersome, but still light. It’s not a truly stellar performer when it comes to critical sharpness, but I consider it a bargain lens nonetheless for someone wanting added telephoto reach on the cheap. I used to use the Nikkor 55-200m lens for this purpose – yet another bargain workhorse in the Nikon lens stable – but I really like the extra 100m this one provides. Apart from the pretty slow aperture range, the only other frustrating thing about this lens is that it can hunt in low light and cause missed photos.

Anyway, enjoy some photos from our evening out at the Adelaide Zoo:

Adelaide Zoo - Smile !
Adelaide Zoo – Smile !
Adelaide Zoo - Look at me !
Adelaide Zoo – Look at me !
Adelaide Zoo - Om nom nom !
Adelaide Zoo – Om nom nom !


Adelaide Zoo – a few photos from one drizzly evening
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