Following on from Part One, here are some more photos from our time in Hong Kong. Please click on each photo to see a larger, higher quality image.

Orange HK Nights (NIKON D5100 15--f/8 55mm)

Orange HK Nights (NIKON D5100 15–f/8 55mm)

There’s no doubt that Hong Kong loves the lens! The city was lit up like this every night, and only a long exposure photo can get close to doing it justice. If you look closely, you can even see the light trail of a plane in the top left corner in this photo.

I don’t have too much time to go out and do night photography at the moment, but I think I mentioned the benefits of it here.

Mong Kok Shop (DSC-RX100 1/125--f/2.8 11.75mm)

Mong Kok Shop (DSC-RX100 1/125–f/2.8 11.75mm)

Now, this is one of my favourite photos. Just look at all that stuff ! The contents of that room just spill out onto the street. There are shops like this throughout Mong Kok. In fact, you can find entire streets dedicated to one particular type of product. I think there’s even a street dedicated to pets such as goldfish.

Green Walls (NIKON D5100 1/400--f/4.2 66mm)

Green Walls (NIKON D5100 1/400–f/4.2 66mm)

The geometry in this urban scene intrigues me. There’s a charming chaos present in the twisted piping and part-drawn curtains that appeals to my photographer’s eye; smitten with shapes and tones as it often is.

This is also a photo that reminds me of the depressingly familiar struggle of urban density and human isolation. In Mong Kok, many live in one room apartments working day to day to survive.

Isn’t it interesting the story a photo tells when we switch our perspective?

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