I know Instagram is insanely popular, but I’m a latecomer to the network. Actually, it was the ‘Instagram look’ that put me off for so long. I’m not a huge phone app user, and the ability to digitally mimic a lo-fi film look with the press of a button held no interest for me.

Anyway, I’ve just started posting photos there on a regular basis, but preparing my own look in other photo editors rather than relying on the presets in Instagram. So, here are a few of my own favourite photos from this month:

I want to be beautiful
#McDonalds #fries #southaustralia #Adelaide #fast food #beautiful

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You know what I like about this one? The irony of the sign in the background and the two guys munching down burgers and fries! “I want to be improbable, beautiful and afraid of nothing”. I don’t think anyone’s finding beauty in a fast food burger!

Yep, I found it parked on the side of the road one afternoon. Weird huh? I just had to pull over and snap a few. Who does it belong to? Where did it come from? What stories can it tell? I’ll never know because it was gone the next day.

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Sometimes you look up and see something interesting. I like the light and lines in this one. A scene of beauty at a local shopping centre not exactly known for its loveliness!


This is one of my favourites for December 2014. I made this one whilst waiting for the Doctor. They weren’t in this position for very long, so I had to make the photo count. I exposed for the highlights specifically in order to throw the two people into further shadow. I think it works nicely against the bright sky outside.

What’s your favourite photo here and why?

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