Love on the Rocks – Palmer, South Australia

I was in a whimsical mood when I titled this one. Can you see why? Click to make the image larger and read the rather sweet graffiti on the granite boulder.

On a hot drive back home from holiday, we stopped near the towns of Palmer and Tungkillo to take in this amazing vista of granite outcroppings. I’ve loved it around there ever since a Geology excursion back in High School to study the way granite erodes. Quick tip: granite erodes much like an onion – in layers.

I’ve always been a little disappointed with this photo because the sky is altogether too sunny and cheery to carry the ‘Love on the rocks’ theme. If I was a Photoshop guru I’d probably replace the sky with something cloudy and dramatic.

Still…perhaps the cheery sky does indeed suit a message of two love-drunk teens with aerosol cans in their hands. Their love is preserved on the granite until the weather erodes the rock. There’s something lovely about that in this digital world, where snippets of our lives are preserved on servers hidden overseas.

Here’s another example of the preservation of a moment through a questionable act of graffiti:


Friends Forever? (Adelaide Botanic Gardens)

Are Alice and Ruby still friends? Or is this a moment of friendship long lost to the years? We can only speculate. This is human life recorded on stone and wood; a necessary act in the Age of Loneliness.

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