The Olympus EE3 is a small half-frame film snapper. I recently wrote about it in this post. In fact, here’s a photo of me with it:

Olympus Pen ee3 in the mirror

Mirror Man

Dinky little thing isn’t it? I can roll off a few frames before anyone even notices due to the still working Electric Eye selenium meter around the lens.

Late last year, I was walking on the beach when I noticed a guy image chimping on his big Canon digital DSLR. Of course, I whipped out my dinky little Pen and snapped a few frames off before he even noticed me!! He was too busy coaxing his kit zoom and trying to see his LCD screen in the glare of the sun to give me too much thought.

olympus pen versus canon dslr

Does size matter?

This is a nice little reminder for me that no matter how far we move up the technology tree, photography, at its core, is about a box with a hole in it. The rest is just bells, whistles and ergonomics. Is that a dramatic view? I don’t think so. After all, photography has always been about recording light through a hole onto a recording medium. It doesn’t matter whether that’s film or digital.

I’ve actually been thinking about disconnecting this blog from the Jetpack plugin. In practical terms, that means that I’ll be relying totally on the Mailpoet plugin to manage my email lists. More directly, if you like the posts on this blog I’d be grateful if you popped in your email address in the box below.

The truth is, I realised today that the reason I’m so horrible at talking about myself online, or pushing anything personal on the web, is that I don’t cultivate an online persona at all. My online views are the same as my offline views. I express myself in the same way, and I’m naturally introverted. But I do like to talk to new people and this blog is one way of doing it.


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