Doorway Rock, Robe SA (NIKON D5100 1/640--f/5.6 11mm)

Doorway Rock, Robe SA (NIKON D5100 1/640–f/5.6 11mm)

Occasionally I won’t have any fresh ideas for a blog post. In this case, I’ll run through some photos and see if I can attach a meaningful story to one of them.

As you probably know by now, I prefer to post something meaningful; something with a serious undertone; something that tells an important story; or at least something where I can go into technical details and make a valid point or two!

It’s been a long and tiring weekend and, though it’s now closing in on 1 AM and my brain needs some sleep, I came across the above photo. It was made by me at a picturesque South Australian town called Robe. That’s Dooryway Rock; a well known local spot. You can see how rough the sea is and the likelihood of being cut open by razor sharp rocks just beneath the waves! I remember it also being very windy, so the fisherman you see there was really taking a risk!

It’s quite lovely isn’t it? At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to attach a meaninful story to it. Then it struck me part way through this post! I often forget that photography is not always about serious stories or cultural politics. In my efforts to find meaning, I can lose sight of the fact that a photo also draws us into the larger world around us. It’s the essence that runs through all photos; and it’s this essence that can make us see the world with fresh eyes.

It’s past 1 in the morning. Now I need to go and freshen my eyes with long sleep!

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