Fishing at Sunset (NIKON D5100 1/320--f/5.6 200mm)

Fishing at Sunset (NIKON D5100 1/320–f/5.6 200mm)

In photography, sometimes it’s the details we don’t see until later that make the biggest impact. In the case of this photo, Fishing at Sunset (Wallaroo, South Australia), I was so mesmerised by the warm colours of the sunset when making the photo that I didn’t even stop to see the two people fishing off the jetty. Only upon a digital zoom into the photo later that evening did I see them.

They’re dwarfed by the massive machinery next to them and the beauty of the sunset unfolding behind. Is it a father and son? A father and daughter? Are they friends or brothers? I’ll never know. I prefer to think it’s a father and his son spending some quiet moments together. It reminds me of when I was a child and we’d go on family holidays. I actually never liked the fishing, but I have come to appreciate the preciousness of a shared moment.

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