Orange in Triplicate (E-PM1 1/2000–f/2.8 60mm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA)

Modern Photography is as much about colour as it is about pattern and geometry. This is one of those photos that combines both.

I made this one recently at a local showground. The bright orange immediately caught my eye, and the fact that they were walking in unison and wearing the same uniform made it all the more compelling.

The SES workers each carry an orange bag; two carry it in the left hand and one carries it in the right hand. The two left handers each wear a cap. The lone right hander does not. More patterns and symmetry for the eye!

I’d not changed my settings from an indoor environment, so this one was made at f2.8 on the Sigma 60mm DN series lens. Luckily, the sky was overcast, so the exposure didn’t blow out, and the high shutter speed made it a lot easier to freeze movement. The background is distracting, but the long focal length (60mm has an equivalent focal length of 120mm on a Micro Four Thirds camera due to the smaller sensor size) and the wide aperture of 2.8 threw it sufficiently out of focus to bring attention to the State Emergency Services workers. This one is straight out of camera and not processed any further.


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