Waiting (E-PM1 1/250–f/2.8 30mm)

There’s something very compelling about candid and street photography. I suppose it’s the unpredictibility of the activity, combined with the risk of being caught by the subject, that makes it an intense experience at times. It’s also the genre of photography that draws the most criticism, especially in the survelliance obsessed and fearful world we now live in.

This family seemed to be waiting for someone. Father perhaps? Sister? I like the way the bold shapes on the wallΒ  visually push them into a corner. I also like the way the daylight spills through the doorway and accentuates their shapes and shadows.

I used an Olympus Pen EPM-1 with a Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN Art lens. The Sigma is very very sharp indeed! Not that I obsess over sharpness, but it’s certainly noticeable with this lens, and makes the most of the Pen’s 12mp Micro 4/3 sensor.

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