Pigeons playing in Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA
Pigeons playing in Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA

Walking around Rundle Mall on a cloudy day, I noticed some pigeons having a fun time playing in the water and cooling off! Looking through the lens, I really enjoyed the pigeons playing in the foreground, and the line-up of legs in the background. I call it: Pigeons Playing

During post-processing, I decided to use a 16:9 crop factor in order to elongate the scene and allow the viewer’s eye to run along the line of pigeons. This lengthened crop also emphasises the parallel line configuration of pigeons and pedestrian’s feet.

I used Photo Ninja to make the image black and white, and added some split toning – blue to the shadows and deep red to the highlights. The contrast in tones emphasises the water, which I wanted to draw attention to.

Camera: Olympus OMD EM5 and Sigma 60mm f2.8 DN art lens.


Pigeons playing in Rundle Mall
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