Saint Andrews by the Sea Uniting Church - Glenelg

Saint Andrews by the Sea Uniting Church – Glenelg

A few years back we stayed for a few days at Glenelg; a traditional tourist mecca in Adelaide featuring heavily trafficked becahes, restaurants and amusement areas. I used my little silver Olympus Pen EPM1 with the lowly but fun Olympus Body Cap lens. The evening before we left, I hung over the balcony and snapped this photo of Saint Andrews Uniting Church. You can also see the Adelaide Hills in the background.

I think the tiny lens performed quite well, even with some post processing. Want to see the original photo straight out of the camera? It’s not something I often do, but I think it’s a good education on just what digital post processing can do when you have a RAW file and a specialist editor like Photo Ninja:

Saint Andrews by the Sea - Unprocessed file

Saint Andrews by the Sea – Unprocessed file

By cropping it to a 16:9 ratio, I expanded the view. The original is very muddy and dark, but pumping the exposure, lightening shadows slightly and reducing any blown highlights makes it more aesthetically pleasing. I had to increase the contrast slightly to add more punch to the photo, and this also increased the perceived saturation of the colours.

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